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"My mission is to spread the shining light of joy to make the world a happier place. Using the agency of laughter, I empower others and create exponential happiness that reaches further than I could alone."
Katrin Marras

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Katrin is Australia’s leading Laughter Linguist and founder of Laughter Skills.

Katrin helps her clients to learn and develop by embracing the exponential power of laughter. Laughter Skills provides powerful tools that boost the learning and performance of learners. With Katrin’s ‘straight to the point’ communication style, she delivers a clear message with concise outcomes.

Katrin’s programs can be delivered both online and in person. She has recently worked with international professionals from all over the world including Moscow, Dubai, Chicago and Hamburg. Katrin has broad teaching experience in the traditional school setting as well as alternative learning environments. She has seen first-hand how the language of laughter has improved not only her students’ learning but also their general well-being.

Being an expert in language teaching and communication, she speaks three languages fluently and is always keen to learn more. Combining her expertise in languages and laughter training, Katrin has developed a uniquely effective approach to not only learning a new language but also teaching the skill of laughter for well-being purposes. Laughter Skills is where laughter, language, and learning meet.

Katrin is a native of Germany, but a resident of the world, having lived and taught everywhere from France to Australia.

In addition to a Master’s degree in teaching, specialising in sports and languages, she has also received her certification as a Laughter Yoga Teacher. In 2019 she trained with Merv Neal, Australia’s Leading Laughter Expert, and joined Janni Goss at LaughWA as a committee member and training coordinator.

Through the power of laughter, Laughter Skills enables people to improve their health, learning and communication. Laughter Training emboldens clients to achieve their goals using unconventional solutions.



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